Olympus Business Services

About us

Olympus Business Services provides outsourced accounting, bookkeeping and tax services to small, medium and established businesses in South Africa. We believe that business owners should have enough time to run their businesses without worrying about accounting, tax and secretarial functions of the business. That is when we come in to assist in setting up the full accounting functions of your enterprises. We pride ourselves as one of the leading professionals in the provision of tax and accounting services.


What makes Olympus Business Services different from other accounting practices is its approach to the client’s problems and its undying passion for providing quality professional services. We are a young and growing business that is driven by the need to satisfy the South African market which has been dominated by the big players in the industry. The administrative and management functions as well as the technical knowledge and expertise that is derived from the key management personnel makes it possible for the company to compete with established enterprises in the industry.


Our business is built upon the four business fundamentals as follows:


Our Strategy

Olympus Business Services is committed to uphold the following business principles:


  • Ensuring that our clients remain our business partners through continuous improvement in our customer relations and satisfaction.
  • Implementation of mutually accepted contracts  by providing accurate and relevant information about our services to all our valued customers.
  • Exceed our client’s expectations while satisfying their specific needs.
  • Delivery of high quality products and services to all our valued business partners.


Our Mission


We will strive to be South Africa’s leader in the provision and delivery of outsourced accounting and tax services by offering a diversified range of accounting and tax solutions. We are committed to provide a wide range of cost effective services to our customers.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the first choice provider of outsourced accounting and tax services to businesses in South Africa.


Our Core Values

Our values are based on the following:


  • To always conduct business with integrity and respect for our clients.
  • To enhance the positive image of our company at all times.
  • To provide quality customer care.
  • To be cognisant of the changes in Tax legislation and IFRS


 Everyone at Olympus Business Services:


  • is customer focused.
  • Has a passion for service excellence.
  • Is a valuable asset to the business.
  • Always conduct themselves with professionalism and integrity.
  • Excels in quality service delivery.